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Malts and herbs for cats

Malts and herbs for cats

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Malts and herbs for cats

Malts and herbs for cats avoid the accumulation of hairballs in the gut of your cat. As one of the most common problems of felines, it is necessary to have these products at home. In you will find variety of malts and herbs at the best prices.

As we know, cats spend a lot of time preening to clean and remove any parasites. In doing so the cats guzzling their dead hair. Malts and herbs for cats are the solution for this.

Malta cat

Malt is a food supplement made mostly based on natural products with laxative qualities. With malt intake you will achieve supplement the daily diet of your cat and regulate intestinal transit. In addition , the malt for cats also helps keep the intestinal bacterial flora of your cat. Moreover, malt paste for cats is a tasty digestive aid that regulates the metabolism of your pet.

Do you know the Malt paste for cats ? It is a paste sticky texture like cats, but probably not easy to eat, so you need to use certain techniques to help you get the cat eat.

Cat Grass

In our online pet store you will find cat grass made with vitamins and a presentation with a tray so that you can place anywhere in the house.

The cat grass is quick and easy germination. It is recommended that water content in the tray and place in a warm area and natural light for early growth.

One of the benefits of cat grass is that it requires much knowledge of gardening, there is no need to plant it in a pot, seeds germinate very fast in the tray.

There are many brands of malts and herbs for cats find , including: Bayer , Gimpet , Intervet , Kong , Stanvet , Trixie , Vitakraft , Vétoquinol and have been worthy of international recognition.

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