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Flatazor Feed for Cats Protect Chat Obesite

Benefits It helps to lose fat and maintain muscle massHypocaloric formula (EM <3,000 Kcal) and hyperproteicContributes to reduce the feeling of hungerPhyto-ingredients: psyllium fibers, bean fibersIt helps an optimal and safe digestionFructooligos ...


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Features Flatazor Feed for Cats Protect Chat Obesite

  • Reference3269872660201
  • Weight400 GR, 2 KG
  • BrandFlatazor
  • Units1
  • Nutritional ConditionsNatural
  • AgeAdult
  • FlavorChicken, Turkey, Duck
  • Special CaresOverweight

Description Flatazor Feed for Cats Protect Chat Obesite


It helps to lose fat and maintain muscle mass
Hypocaloric formula (EM <3,000 Kcal) and hyperproteic
Contributes to reduce the feeling of hunger
Phyto-ingredients: psyllium fibers, bean fibers
It helps an optimal and safe digestion
Fructooligosaccharides. Beer yeast
Protects the liver
Phyto-ingredients: artichoke

Dehydrated animal proteins (chicken, duck, turkey, pork). Bean fibers. Corn gluten. Rice. Duck fat. Tapioca. Apple fibers Green peas. Dehydrated fish Hydrolysates of animal proteins. Flax seeds. Beer yeast. Autolized fish (0.6%). Artichoke. Psyllium fibers. Ammonium chloride. Calcium carbonate. Potassium chloride. Methionine Fructooligosaccharides. Charcoal. Yucca. Extracts of rosemary. Taurine. Preservatives Vitamins and trace elements.

36% proteins 10% fat. Cellulose 12%. Inorganic materials 7%. Phosphorus 1%. Calcium 1.2%. Taurine 2000 mg / kg. Copper 20 mg / kg. Zinc 116 mg / kg. Vitamin A 17500 IU. Vitamin D3 1600 IU. Vitamin E 300 IU.

35% of all dehydrated animal protein products contained in the food correspond to 65% in fresh equivalent. The fresh equivalent corresponds to the rehydration of products of dehydrated animal origin taking into account that the dehydrated product contains a maximum of 6% water while fresh products of animal origin contain 75%.

How to use
Serve the food gradually making a transition with the previous food as it is or possibly rehydrated according to the rationing table that is shown in the bag. Always leave potable water available. It is advisable to seek the opinion of a nutrition expert or a veterinarian before using the food or extending its period of use. For best results, be sure to respect the recommended daily amounts and avoid the distribution of other foods (sweets, leftovers ...). The loss of excess weight requires several weeks or months. Consider weighing your animal weekly to control weight. Recommended period of use: Until the attained body weight is obtained.

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Nunca haba probado esta marca, pero a mi gata le gusta mucho, al ser de tamao pequeo la comida seca pienso que le es ms fcil de masticar ya que empieza a ser bastante mayor.

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