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Urano Uvita Malta Cats 50 G




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Features Urano Uvita Malta Cats 50 G

  • Reference8436532730146
  • Weight50 GR
  • BrandUrano
  • FormatPaste
  • Product TypeMalt
  • Product RangeUrano Vitamine supplements


  • composicion-malta
  • Ficha-tecnica-uvita-malta

Description Urano Uvita Malta Cats 50 G

Within their natural habits, the cat spends long hours licking and preening. During this toilet, the cat ingests much dead hair, which is mixed with food, it compacts are becoming more and eventually accumulate in the digestive tract and can cause you serious intestinal blockages and other problems.

U * vita malt is a nutritional supplement in the form of very appetizing pasta thanks to its laxative and lubricant properties, facilitates intestinal transit helping the natural expulsion of hairballs and prevents constipation. U * vita malt is supplemented with taurine is essential for cats that can not be synthesized from other amino acids amino acid, so it has to be given sufficient diet. And thanks to its content of omega-6 essential fatty acids helps maintain the integrity of the hair and skin enabling a smooth and shiny hair.

Route of administration: U * vita malt orally deposited in any of the recommended forepaws or snout dose. The product has a very viscous consistency so it will be attached between the hair and the cat will tend to lick it as part of their habits
cleaning. U * vita malt has excellent palatability so may also be administered directly into the mouth or mixed with their usual food.

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Nada a dizee


Esta malta es bastante buena


Excelente marca para eliminar as bolas de pelo nos gatinhos. Acabaram-se os vmitos!

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