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Foran Refuel Syringe Electrolytic Gel




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Features Foran Refuel Syringe Electrolytic Gel

  • Reference5390998004681
  • Quantity30 ml
  • BrandForan
  • Product TypePaste
  • PropertiesVitamins and minerals
  • Special Cares

Description Foran Refuel Syringe Electrolytic Gel

It is an electrolyte gel, high in vitamins B, C and E.
It is a concentrated and balanced with vitamins B, C and E, which favors rehydration and recovery after physical effort during training or competition electrolyte supplement. It also stimulates the appetite of the horse after exercise. Replaces electrolyte losses through sweat, balances body fluids and stimulates water intake. Refuel Gel contains liquid sugars that promote the absorption of electrolytes providing quick energy intake.
Refuel Gel contains vitamin B, essential for protein and energy metabolism, promoting muscle recovery and stimulation of appetite after exercise. It also contains vitamins C and E, which are potent antioxidants that promote muscle recovery and avoid the risk of cellular damage.
Once administered electrolytes, the horse should always have water available to facilitate rehydration.
Refuel Gel: Container presentation in syringes, which facilitate transport and allow for more accurate administration.
Nutritional analysis:
- By Litre / By jeriga 30ml
- Trace elements
- Sodium 108,500mg / 3255mg
- Chloride 199,300mg / 5979mg
- Potassium 25,500mg / 77mg
- Magnesium 1200mg / 36mg
- Calcium 2800mg / 84mg
- Vitamins
- Vitamin B1 765mg / 23mg
- Vitamin B6 255mg / 8mg
- Vitamin B 12 3000μg / 90μg
- Vitamin E (alpha- tocopherol) 13,880mg / 416mg
How to use:
Manage the contents of the syringe into the back of the tongue if necessary.
Note: A dehydrated horse should drink water before receiving electrolytes.
Instructions for use:
- Administer orally. In function of:
- Body weight Dose after the competition / intense physical exercise.
- 450-600 kg 30 ml syringe full.
- 300 - 450 Kg 15 ml syringe Media.
administration is recommended after exercised or competition.

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