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Beds and sanitary substrates for Rabbits

Use beds and sanitary substrates for Rabbits will help you keep your pet in a clean and hygienic thanks to its high capacity to absorb the daily needs of your pet
's environment and also prevent odors from them.

Health beds for Rabbits are essential to give the domestic habitat they deserve with these will prevent your pet sick from exposure to their needs. Beds and sanitary substrates maintain the hygiene of the cage for longer.

In our online shop can find a variety of health beds for Conejos that make the ideal environment for your pet. We have:

  • Hemp litter products for Rabbits

The health beds for Rabbits hemp has a great capacity to absorb up to 12 times more than traditional straw. They are 100% natural, extracted from bone stem of the hemp plant. This type of bed does not contain powder, paste or not crushed, also prevents odors.

  • Health wooden beds Rabbits

The health wooden beds Rabbits are completely natural and free of dust, so they do not affect the airways of your pet. They are composed of pressed wood chips that are responsible for absorbing urine 100%.

This type of bed also offers a comfortable place to rest your pet space. Will allow you to maintain hygienic conditions for longer, but note that is wet, damaged or dirty recommend you change it .

  • Corn health beds Cobayas

The health beds corn for Guinea Pigs are made of corn cobs so they are 100% natural, ensure absorption from the lower layers leaving the surface dry bed.

  • Sanitary paper beds Rabbits

The sanitary paper beds Rabbits are made from recycled paper and are high quality absorbent hygiene of your pet, you have the advantage of agglomerate when wetted by allowing only remove the dirt.

  • Granulates health beds for Rabbits

The granular litter products for Rabbits are gentle, soft and comfortable for your pet's paws, without neglecting its absorbent capacity and traps odors.

  • Pellets health beds for Rabbits

The health beds pellets for Rabbits are ideal as absorbent and they do not generate any allergies in your pets thanks to its texture pressed pellet form.

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