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Vitakraft Menu for small pets

Vitakraft Menu for small pets

Wherever you find pets, Vitakraft is never far away. Vitakraft has a number of production locations in Germany and abroad, which allows it to bring new products to the market quickly and keep delivery routes short.

This ensures that goods remain fresh from the ingredient suppliers through to retail and guarantees high-quality products. Vitakraft Truck In Europe alone: Over 5,000 trading partners Over 40,000 distribution points for pet food Over 10,000 distribution points for pet supplies We deliver to more than 35 countries – just in time. Vitakraft has branch offices in 19 countries.

Vitakraft Menu

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  • Published by Michelle on 11/01/2021

    an excellent treat in addition to our main diet of Lafeber Nutri-berries, Avi-cakes and fresh vegetables

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