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An item from my order is missing

The shipment consists of two packages 

In some cases the delivery of your order is made in two shipments due to the content of the merchandise. If your order has been sent separately check the delivery note. The delivery note will have the list of items that are supposed to be sent in this package.


Lack of availability of some product 

You may not receive a product of your order due to lack of stock. In this case we will email you informing you of this problem. The eliminated product will be paid to you through the same method of payment used at the time of purchase.


Logistic error

It may be the case that an error occurs in our facilities and a product is therefore missing. In this case, you must inform us which product you have not received. We will need a photo of the delivery note of the shipment, which you will find in the box in which you received the order. Once we receive this information we will refund you the corresponding amount of the product that was not received.

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